October 2011

Dear Moshi Monsters,

Since we sent in Joshua’s original presentation of all his ideas and general ‘fandom’ of all things Moshi, he has been working hard to create more ideas (he wakes up at 6am each morning and comes straight downstairs to work on his moshi ideas). We hope you will enjoy looking at ‘Volume 2’….

Volume 2 of the Collection is now available…

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Summer 2011

Dear Moshi Monsters,

We hope you will enjoy looking at the attached presentation that we put together containing our sons drawings/pictures etc as he is such a huge Moshi Monsters fan.

Joshua suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and is unable to even attend school because of his condition and yet when it comes to Moshi Monsters he has just been amazing in what he has been able to do. We are very proud of him.

Introducing Joshua – the original Collection is still available.