Traffik free chocolate

This is where my ooffoo entry all began….

A few years ago I picked up a leaflet about “Stop the traffik” and was shocked to read about child slavery and child trafficking used in cocoa production. It was in the run up to Easter, so that year I decided to buy only Fair trade and traffik free chocolate eggs and chocolate – and it wasn’t easy.

I found that most of the bigger supermarkets quickly ran out of their fair trade / traffik free chocolate as they did not stock as much as the other brands. Waitrose seemed better stocked but still choice was limited compared to non-ethical chocolate.

It also brought into my awareness how many other products (besides chocolate) contain chocolate and cocoa: I remember my conscience wrestling with purchases of profiteroles, mousses, biscuits, chocolate spread, cereals and so many more products containing chocolate and wondering what about these. It would be impossible to make all of these become traffik-free? I suppose if the consumers at least show that they are not accepting traffiked chocolate in the form of chocolate then these will follow as the source of the cocoa becomes ethical.

In true kingdom economics, my efforts were rewarded that same year when I won a hamper of Divine chocolate. I then went onto buy lots more Divine chocolate from Ethical superstore and it was in their catalogue that I learnt of ooffoo.

I was so glad to hear of Cadbury’s Dairy milk becoming fair trade (well my husband was anyway, my favourite remains Divine chocolate!).  I can’t seem to spot the fairtrade mark on other Cadbury’s chocolate yet – it might be it was manufactured before the fairtrade ones came in or perhaps they don’t yet – one to look into as I haven’t had the chance to figure it out yet.

Find out more about it here.


One response to “Traffik free chocolate

  1. I had been lulled into a false sense of security by Co-op beleiving their own brand chocolate is fairtrade. Beware – it is their own brand “bar” chocolate – so I still need to double check the labels!

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