Ooffoo Laureate

I recently discovered that I have been short-listed as a finalist in the Offoo laureate 2010 competition. Ooffoo is a fantastic online community where people can “can reuse, recycle, swap, sell, give away, write & blog, enter our latest competition, vote, debate & discuss our latest hot topic, find recipes & useful eco tips and much more.” It has done a lot to shake up my social conscience about ethical and environmental issues and I was inspired to enter their laureate competition really just to be able to voice an issue that is important to me. I was obedient in following God’s nudge to enter and something beyond what I could possibly have ever imagined happened. (I did not think in a million years that I would find myself being a finalist!). Just being listed as a finalist has boosted my confidence and given me a kind of renewed hope for the future that perhaps I really can make a difference in the world.

I suppose starting my own website is in a way a starting point to get me to document my ideas and at least voice my opinions and whether they are heard by anyone is not up to me – again it is just being obedient and letting God do the rest.

Read my article here. (local copy can be found here)


One response to “Ooffoo Laureate

  1. Have just heard that I have come 3rd in the competition – which is amazing.

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