Our family’s food fiasco (poem)

Here is my entry for COOK’s national poetry day competition (http://www.cookfood.net/poetry-competition), in which I was a shortlisted entry.


Our Family’s Food Fiasco – a true story

by Rebecca Beesley

This is the true tale of the Beef Bourguignon saga,
A story to remember for ever after,
Notice there is no ‘happily’,
The reason why, you’ll come to see.

Beef Bourguignon from COOK – a popular choice
For my husband and my two boys.
Always gobbled quickly up,
Beef Bourguignon bought from the COOK shop.

One day, as a special treat,
Off to the butchers to buy some meat.
About time I did my motherly duty…
(Little did I know they’d nearly shoot me!)

Over the hot stove, all afternoon slaved,
At last it was finished, the meal they craved.
All four of us at the table – hubby, boys, and me,
All looking forward to our tasty tea.

Mum (that’s me), feeling rather tired,
But ‘worth it’ I thought as my dish was admired.
The first spoonful went in, then a horrified look…
“Mummy, this dinner isn’t from COOK!”

“This tastes yuk!” my six year old announces
Then out of the room he promptly flounces.
I swiftly call out, “But you like this dish.”
“Not this, only from COOK!” he insists.

I put my foot down and tell him he must eat more.
That’s when his dinner is thrown on the floor!
A mother rejected, a mum in despair.
A mother ready to pull out her hair.

I couldn’t understand how it all went so wrong
Over a dish of homemade Beef Bourguignon.
So into the bin goes my recipe book,
My lesson’s been learnt… I’m off to COOK!


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